LED Light Therapy Under Eye Patches

Our reusable LED under eye patches help revive the look of tired eyes, and those pesky under-eye dark circles. The UV-free, non-invasive red & yellow LED light therapy helps boost collagen and elastin production and improve the temporary appearance of fine lines. Sit back and relax while our eye patches rejuvenate and refresh your under-eyes in just 5 minutes a day.

Key Features:

  • Red Light Therapy (630 - 660nm): Used for anti-wrinkle benefits because of its ability to renew collagen and elastin production, deeply rejuvenating the skin and improving the temporary appearance of fine lines.
  • Yellow Light Therapy (583 - 605nm): Enhances tone, clarity, and texture of the skin. Soothes and reduces the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation.


    • Quick and Convenient: Rejuvenate and refresh your under-eyes in just 5 minutes a day.
    • Non-Invasive: Enjoy the benefits of LED light therapy without the need for invasive procedures.
    • TGA Certified: Our LED Under-Eye Patches meet the highest standards for safety and efficacy (ARTG ID: 408962).

    What's Included

    - LED Light Therapy Under Eye Patches
    - USB charge cord
    - 4 x adhesive gel pad sets
    - Protective eye goggles
    - User manual

    1. Wash and dry your face, always applying on clean and dry skin.
    2. Stick the adhesive strip on the LED eye patch by placing the eye patches directly on the adhesive strip and then peeling it back off the plastic. (optional).
    3. Turn the device on using the ON/OFF button.
    4. Choose your treatment (red or yellow light) by pushing the treatment button.
    5. Apply the eye patches under your eyes. The device will auto-turn off after your 5-minute treatment.
    6. Always use the provided safety eye goggles during the treatment.
    7. After use, apply your favorite skin serum and moisturizer for optimum results.
    8. Clean the patches with a cloth to keep them in optimal condition.

    Please refer to our manual for comprehensive information.

    Elevate your under-eye skincare with Kahlia Skin LED Under-Eye Patches—because your eyes deserve the spotlight.

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