LED Facial Cleansing Brush with EMS Microcurrent

Elevate your skincare routine with the Kahlia Skin facial cleansing brush. This cutting-edge tool brings together sonic vibrations, a heated plate, EMS microcurrent, and LED light therapy, all packed into one handheld device. With four adjustable speeds, it deeply cleans your pores, removing dirt, oils, and leftover makeup. Say goodbye to dead skin cells and hello to a glowing, smooth complexion.

Key Features

  • Four adjustable vibration speeds
  • EMS microcurrent treatment
  • Cotton pad magnetic ring
  • Red, blue, and purple LED light therapy treatments
  • Heat treatment
  • Deeply cleans pores and removes impurities.
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells for a glowing complexion.
  • Addresses specific skincare concerns with targeted LED light therapy.

LED Light Therapy:

  • Blue light: The wavelength ranges from 460 to 465nm. Known to help reduce acne-causing bacteria, treats blemishes and breakouts.
  • Purple light: The wavelength ranges from 450 to 455nm. Known for its ability to improve dull skin and to increase cell regeneration and renewal.
  • Red light: The wavelength ranges from 655 to 665nm. Used for anti-wrinkle benefits as it acts to renew collagen and elastin production. The red light therapy may help to rejuvenate the skin and the temporary appearance of fine lines.

Heat Treatment:

  • Whilst in the LED light therapy mode, the heat plate will gradually heats up to a maximum of 43°C, enhancing the absorption of skincare products and helps to promote healthy and radiant skin

EMS Microcurrent:

  • When the EMS microcurrent plate makes contact with your skin, a gentle electrical current of 500 microamps flows through your muscles, aiding in toning the face. This process offers a workout for your facial muscles and stimulates various layers of the skin. This may help promote collagen production for smoother, more toned skin.
    • 1x Facial Cleansing Brush 
    • USB Charging Cable
    • Product Manual

    Silicon cleansing brush function:

    1. Gently remove eye makeup by hand.
    2. Apply cleanser to damp skin.
    3. Turn on device by holding the power on/off button.
    4. Push the power on button again to switch to the vibration mode (the green light will illuminate).
    5. Press the + / - button to select you desired speed.
    6. Gently move the brush in circular motions around your face to deep cleanse.
    7. Press and hold the power on/off button for a few seconds to turn off the device.
    8. After use, rinse with clean water then gently towel dry.

    LED Light Therapy function:

    1. Wash and dry your face, it is recommended to always use on clean and dry skin.
    2. Turn on the device by holding the power on/off button.
    3. Select from the blue, red or purple light therapy colours.
    4. If the device makes no contact with the skin for 1 minute, the device will automatically turn off.
    5. Use for a maximum of 5 minutes a day.
    6. After use, apply your preferred skin serum and moisturizer.

     EMS Microcurrent function:

    1. The EMS microcurrent feature works together with the blue and red light therapy mode.
    2. If the device makes no contact with the skin for 1 minute, the device will automatically turn off.
    3. Use for a maximum of 5 minutes a day.

    Heat Treatment Function:

    1. The heat treatment feature works together with all three LED light therapy modes.
    2. Use for a maximum of 5 minutes a day.
    3. After use apply your preferred skin serum and moisturizer.

    Using the cotton pad magnetic cleaning ring (optional):

    1. Apply a cotton pad or makeup wipe over the EMS Microcurrent plate.
    2. Place the cotton pad ring over the wipe, ensure the magnet holds the wipe in place.
    3. Wipe face clean removing all makeup, and leftover dirt.
    4. Once completed, remove the wipe and discard.
    1. Insert the USB cable into a 5V output USB charging port and plug into device.
    2. When the indicator light turns yellow, the device is charging.
    3. When the battery is fully charged the indicator light will turn green.

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