What is LED Light Therapy and how does it work? 

LED Light Therapy uses colour wavelengths of visible light that’s is proved to have multiple skin benefits. The skin uses the light as a source of energy to fuel the repair and rejuvenation of damaged cells, or, in the case of treating acne, kill bacteria. The energy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, boosts circulation and accelerates tissue repair. Our mask has three different colour. Red, Blue and Yellow.

What can a skincare treatment using a LED Face Mask do for me? 

  • Rejuvenates skin, leaving it looking healthy and radiant
  • Diminishes the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Treats sun damaged skin
  • Helps get rid of acne
  • Effectively treats inflammation that leads to psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema.
  • Promotes healing, making it a great post care treatment after receiving a more aggressive laser skin treatment.

What does each light do ?
RED Light Therapy: (Wavelength between 620nm to 750nm) Used for its anti-aging benefits because of its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. It is also believed to reduce cytokines, which cause inflammation.

BLUE Light Therapy: (Wavelength between 405nm to 420nm) Used for its anti-bacterial benefits and therefore used in acne treatment. This specific wavelength stimulates the production of oxygen radicals that kills acne-causing bacteria without damaging the skin.

YELLOW Light Therapy: (Wavelength of between 590nm to 620nm) Used to flush waste from the skin, boost lymphatic flow and increase cellular growth, aiding in cell-turnover, or production of new skin cells. It also helps prevent pigmentation and sun-damage. 

How often should I use my LED Mask?
We recommend to use your mask 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes. LED masks should be used in conjunction with you skin care routine.

How long will it be before i start seeing results?
You will begin to notice changes after 10 days and will continue to see results for up to 10 -12 weeks. Light therapy is used as an addition to your skincare.

Is it safe?
Yes, our mask is safe, non-invasive, painless, and 100% UV free and requires no downtime. 

Do I need to wear eye protection?
As our LED Light Therapy Mask has a unique surface design, it illuminates the light source evenly on your face avoiding the eye area which causes no harm to the eyes. To those with light-sensitivity use your mask in a well-lit room and please use the mask with your eyes closed.

Who should NOT use the LED Light Mask?
Do not use our mask if you are pregnant or nursing.
Do not use our mask if you have a history of seizures triggered by light.
Do not use our mask if you currently use Accutane for acne, this powerful drug can increase your skins sensitive to light.
Certain conditions and medications may also make you an unlikely candidate for LED therapy. 
If you have any concerns, we recommend you consult your doctor before you using our mask.

Is your mask TGA Certified?
Yes our mask is TGA registered. Our ARTG ID: 338561

How to use?
Before you begin, ensure your mask is charged using the provided USB cable.

  1. Cleanse skin and dry your face.
  2. Place the shield comfortably over your face.
  3. Press the power button located on the left side of the device to start your LED therapy session.
  4. To change your light source, press the power button to select between Red, Blue, or Amber depending on desired treatment therapy.
  5. Let our therapy mask work its magic for (15mins), the mask will turn off automatically. To power down press and hold the power button until the light has turned off (about 2-3 seconds).
  6. Apply your favorite serums on after your LED mask for optimums results.
  7. Wipe down the mask with a gentle cloth or cleansing wipe after each use and store in a cool, dry place.

What’s included in the box ?

  1. Kahlia Skin LED Facial Mask
  2. USB Power Charging Cable.
  3. User Manual 


What payments do you accept:
We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit and Credit Cards. 




If you re
ceive a faulty or damaged product, you can return your order within 30 days of purchase for a speedy replacement.

Please contact us via our contact us page, or by sending us an email to support@kahliaskin.com.au.  In order for us to assist you in a timely manner could you please include your order number, full name, the product you are inquiring about and the issue. 

Please note, that change of mind returns must be unopened, unused and in the original packaging. We can not accept change of mind returns if the product has been opened and  used due to  hygiene reasons. 




You have 
30 days from the date received, to submit a Money Back Guarantee application.  if you would like more information on the money back guarantee please contact us and a customer service team member will talk through the process and will be happy to answer all your questions. More info is in the 10day money back guarantee link located in the footer.




Does the LED light mask come with a warranty?
Yes, our LED light mask comes with a 12-month warranty. 



Where do we ship?
We ship Australia wide 

How long will it take to receive my order?
Our deliveries are sent via Australia Post. Once your order has been shipped a tracking number will be emailed to you. The estimated deliver time frame for orders within Australia is 1-4 business days.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping within Australia is free.