Enjoy the benefits of our light therapy mask in the comfort of your own home, anytime and anywhere.  Our wireless and lightweight design doesn't require you to lay in the one place, plugged in, for a long period of time. Designed to provides you with an easy, safe and effective solution to achieve healthy glowing skin.

Our mask comes with three therapeutic wavelengths, Red, Blue and Yellow. Each light offers different benefits for your skin - Improve signs of ageing, breakouts and pigmentation. Tailor your skincare to suit your specific skin needs.

Red Light Therapy - Anti-Ageing 
Blue Light Therapy - Acne/ breakouts
Yellow Light Therapy - Pigmentation 

The cost of a single led light therapy session from a professional dermatologist can cost up to $200.  With our Kahlia Skin led light therapy mask, you can now have the same treatment from your own home for only $159. You can use your Kahlia Skin Led Light Therapy Mask as many times as you like, without limitations. Get glowing now!

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